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RHQ’s Powerful New Search Facility

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Search was developed to enable users to gain deeper insight, more quickly, into their enterprise by supporting a sophisticated method of querying system state. Some of the notable features that this powerful facility brings are:

  • Arbitrarily Complex Search Expressions
  • Search Suggestions / Auto-Completion / Search Assist
  • Results Matching / Highlighting
  • User Saved Searches

Take a look at the end-user docs (with screen shots) here. Or, if you want to interact with the Search facilities up close & personal, you can download the latest RHQ binaries here.

Considering the SearchBar was written with the primary purpose of being extensible, it will surely become a much more pervasive concept across RHQ in the future. So, let me know what you liked and/or what you would improve, especially if you can think of other features you’d like to see added. You can either post back here or subscribe to the RHQ developer mailing list.


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August 4, 2010 at 4:01 am

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